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Within the photo world, fashion photography is one of the most sought-after careers, and it’s easy to see why. It can be limitlessly lucrative, glamorous and high profile – making it an extremely competitive branch of the business to break into. Without the know-how to properly shoot fashion photos and the savvy to market yourself, it can be nearly impossible to get established.

That's where Fashion Photography Exposed comes in. In this utterly comprehensive and supremely educational DVD, famed fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell will show you step by step how to get started and succeed. From lighting, gear, and the technical aspects of capturing fashion images; to the importance of putting together a great team; to understanding the business side; to marketing your portfolio - Fashion Photography Exposed is a tell-all, no-holds-barred educational tool that will help you forge your exciting path in fashion photography.

The Process

From fantasy to reality : The lifecycle of a shoot/ exposed

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Prep Makes Perfect

Every good photographer has a thorough conceptualization process. Being organized and paying attention to detail is crucial preparation long before the day of the shoot. The best photographers leave nothing to chance.

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Clothes Make The Shoot

In the beginning of your career, pulling clothes and finding good stylists to work with can be tough. Learn how to get around the challenges and capture strong fashion photos.

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Gather The Troops

It takes an army to produce a strong shoot and the right team can mean the difference between a so-so photo and a stunning shot. Learn to effectively communicate with makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists to achieve your unique vision.

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Directing The Model

It's not all supermodels and cover girls - especially when you're just starting out. Learn tips and techniques to get new faces and beginners to shine brightly and give it their all on your shoots - resulting in the riveting images you want.

The Topics

Areas covered on the DVD to give you the ultimate insight

Basic Lighting Image

Basic Lighting

Light is one of the most important tools in a photographer's toolbox. If you don't use it wisely, you won't take great photographs. Learn the basic setups and lighting rules that will allow you to create dynamic and unique photographs.

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In The Studio

Everyone needs a starting point when learning how to use studio lights. I'm going to show you several different lighting variations that I learned in Photography College that are tried and true. I even have lighting diagrams to show you exactly where to place your lights and what modifiers work best.

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On Location

While studio lighting is totally controllable, location lighting is not. For one, we are working with the sun as our main light source and the sun moves, making it out of our control. Combine that with unpredictable weather and you can have a totally frustrating experience when shooting outdoors. I'm going to show you how to trouble shoot unpredictable weather situations, taking an otherwise worthless day and turning it into gold! I'll also show you how to use filters to control your depth of field and how to use flash fill with the daylight in order to control your lighting on location.

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Gear is important and choosing the right camera system is key to capturing those great images. Learn which gear gets the best results and why.

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes of an Editorial Magazine Shoot

Check out exclusive behind the scenes footage from our 10-page editorial for Australian fashion magazine Kurv. With two weeks of prep, a brand new IQ 180 Phase One camera, four top models and three incredibly cute Siberian huskies, watch how the pros pull off a serious shoot.

In Depth Look At My Work

Have you ever looked at a photograph and wondered how it came to be? I’ll go through some of my best work and talk about it from conceptualization to execution – and share inside secrets on creating top-notch images along the way.

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Q&A: Magazine Editor

In my in-depth chat with one of Los Angeles's premier fashion editors, you'll learn how to get your foot in the door, what art directors and fashion editors look for when they hire someone new, plus all the do's and don'ts of approaching a magazine.

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Q&A: Modeling Agency Booker

What does a booker look for when hiring a new photographer to start testing with their talent? Find out in this exclusive interview with one of Los Angeles' top modeling agency's head booker.

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Q&A: Melissa Rodwell

Check out my interview with a fellow photographer on how I got my start, what inspires me, and what life is like as a fashion photographer and artist.

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The Business of Fashion Photography

It's crucial to understand the business side of fashion photography. Even though we create beautiful images and call ourselves artists, this business is still indeed a business. Learn how to market yourself using portfolios, iPads, promo cards and email marketing campaigns. Understand the importance of branding both your image and your name. Navigate the internet's most valuable resources, including sourcebooks, marketing companies, and budgeting and pricing websites.

  • Marketing Yourself - Business Cards, Promo Cards, Websites
  • iPad Portfolios and Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Usage, Estimating and Bidding for a Job
  • Online Resources
  • Investing in Gear
  • Post Production Suggestions
  • Getting Representation
  • The Importance of Understanding Fashion
Extras Included


20 Page Lighting Diagram Booklet

Included with your purchase of the DVD is a full color 20 page manual with lighting diagrams and camera settings. You can use this as a reference guide to follow along with the DVD and on your upcoming fashion shoots.


6 Month Subscription To

Included with your purchase of the DVD, our friends at - Custom Online Photography Portfolios, are giving away a 6 Month Website Pro Account subscription for FREE! (Valid for new accounts only.)

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Ben Trovato Blog

"The DVD has been in our possession for quite some time now, and proved from the first play to be a valid investment to anyone looking to get an unfiltered peek into a cynical business. We at Ben Trovato especially like the DVD as it gives an honest picture of how the industry works. We can conclude that we'd recommend Fashion Photography Exposed to anyone with serious ambitions in the business."

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Photo District News

"Rodwell's got a ton of experience in the industry and her photos (and the stories behind them) are wonderful; just the sort of thing that will make you want to go out and shoot. Anyone who is up-and-coming in the business and is looking for advice and inspiration will likely get a lot out of it. Overall, Fashion Photography Exposed is a very well packaged, professionally produced DVD that will be helpful to anyone who wants to learn some fashion photography secrets from a real pro."

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SLR Lounge

"Seeing how she lights, shoots and interacts with her models on each set makes this DVD invaluable to anyone that is serious about a career in Fashion Photography. You not only get to watch Melissa on 4 different shoots, she also spends plenty of time walking you through some of the images in her body of work, talking about business and giving advice to new photographers."

Ordering Info

Get your hands on a copy of Fashion Photography Exposed!

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The beautiful 4 panel DVD digi-pak arrives in a silver foil stamped slipcover package printed on extra thick fine art matte paper stock. It includes a 20 page lighting diagram booklet that you can easily carry in your camera bag and take along with you on your future shoots!

The Content

The 720p HD Data DVD-Rom is PC and Mac compatible only and comes with over 3 hours of footage including special bonus features.


MAC: G4 / OSX 10.4 "TIGER"



We offer shipping within the USA and Worldwide! Upon ordering you will receive an email confirmation with proof of purchase and your personal coupon code for a 6 month subscription to Viewbook. 



The digital download version comes with the same content as the physical copy and includes 720p HD .mp4 files and the 20 page lighting diagram booklet in high-res PDF format. You will receive a private download link instantly after checkout.
The instant download is only recommended to those with a strong internet connection. The total file size is approx 2.2gb and it is retrieved from a lightning-fast server.
Available Now For Only $299 $99! Order your copy today!

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